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Partners N Crime Podcast

V’s encounters and how she goes into other people experiences are thrilling. Love listening to this podcast.


V has a great and fun show! Love all of her stories 👻 she also did a past life reading on me and as my first encounter with a medium I am very impressed. I don’t know what I was expecting but it was very fun to hear what she saw about me and my past lives! Thank you V and keep up the great work!

Engaging and fun

This podcast so so fun to listen to. I love all the tales and experiences V shares it feels like I’m at a sleep over with a best friend that always has the best stories! She’s so engaging and her voice is awesome for this podcast. I love learning about all things paranormal and weird and this podcast has it all my friends! Subscribe and listen you won’t regret it!

So awesome!

V feels like the big sister I never had lol! I’m always trying to find the next spooky, weird podcast but rarely have any luck. I’m so happy I came across V’s podcast. Her voice is soothing but the content is chilling. I’m really looking forward to catching up on her episodes!!

Open your mind

I enjoyed listening to this show. Believe or not, you should give V a chance! It’s very entertaining and a little spooky. Highly recommend.

Truth is..

Paranormal podcasts aren’t my go-to shows to click on, if I’m being honest. I found V through a string of other podcasts and I decided to give it a chance since we are based in the same state. This was a great decision. V does a great job of being thorough and fun while still giving enough information to help the people who have no idea about any of this get caught up to speed. This show went quickly from a one off experience to on my regular rotation of shows I listen to. Love & adore ya, keep up the great work V 👏🏾🔥🙏🏾

I love V!

This podcast is amazing and satiates my appetite for all things spooky!

The Right Kind of Spookys!

What a simultaneously chilling and informative podcast! I love how excited and passionate V gets when she speaks about her own personal scary experiences. She is authentic, and her podcast is an amazing listen AND informative. Love it, love it, love it!

Excellent show!

We absolutely love this podcast!! The host is so easy to listen to and explores some very interesting topics. Love the storytelling and collaboration with other experts. Can’t wait to listen to them all! Keep up the awesome work, V!

Incredible energy with this!

V offers a positively fascinating dive into the world of the paranormal. The background ambience really amplifies her personal experiences and makes this a must-listen for any fan of podcasts about the unknown!

V is amazing and what she does.

This podcast is absolutely amazing. V discusses very interesting topics which draw you in immediately! You will not be disappointed subscribing to this podcast at all. Much love to V for working hard and her voice is gold!

A v-ery good time

V has a terrific podcast about all things paranormal! She covers a lot of really fun topics that give sit a unique spin in the horor-podcast world. She also brings some really great guests from time to time so you won't want to miss out.

Excellent podcast

Love this podcast. V speaks from mind body and soul. One I just put into rotation I listen to regularly. Being a podcast host myself, I know a podcast can only be successful only if the host loves and believes in what they do. That you can relate to those that can’t relate to others. Keep on keepin on V. From your friends over at Ghosts In The Valley Podcast.

Yes, please.

V pours her heart and soul out in her podcast about her personal experiences. Not only that, but she provides a great environment for other people to do so. She is not the type to undercut experiences and her sharing her own stories really makes the show a personal experience.

Ghost Stories

Life Paranormal with V already takes an interesting topic of paranormal experiences and injects it with personability and sincerity. Vanessa is an engaging relatable host, and the stories balance creepiness with personal accounts quite well. Give this a listen and subscribe now!

Chef’s kiss

This show is absolutely incredible. As someone who has gone through some of this stuff I can tell you she knows her stuff. She is very knowledgeable and very personable both on and off air. Incredible show, incredible young lady. All around the best. Daison WTCC Podcast

Personal touch

Vanessa talks about her personal experiences with the paranormal. Her stories bring life to her show. She also talks to others that have similar experiences. Give her a listen. Cindy WDST

Really good

I was surprised with the types of conversations V would discuss because a lot of her stories are personal and hit home for her. She is an amazing host who covers all things paranormal. Katherine - A Few Bad Apples

Thriller Hot

Not only is this podcast chilling, and thrilling, it’s also got this sultry, surreal vibe that I totally dig! We all experience the strange and unusual, but with V, you get your very own personal Lydia Deetz! This show rocks! 🤘👻🔮

Spookily Fun

This is a great paranormal podcast. I’m a big fan of Supernatural, and this podcast feels personal and real (more real than Supernatural for sure). It’s fun and spooky and captivating.

Great stories

V is great. She sounds genuine. Down to earth. She really cares about her subject matter. Keep up the good work

The best Life storeies

Awesome stories of the Paranormal. V really paints a good picture when ur listening to her tales!!! If u haven’t experiences her podcast i hight recommend Life Paranormal With V

Spooky Real Stories

This podcast is so awesome! I swear I can picture every single detail about the stories V tells. It’s like I almost lived them myself. The music and vibes are perfect! Her life experiences are legit scary as well as thrilling! I can’t get enough 😳😱👻💀

Amazing REAL content

Skeptic or not, Vanessa’s stories will make you want to hear more! She is so in tune with her gifts and can make anyone feel comfortable. If you love spooky stories you will love this podcast!

Chilling tales

I can fully relate to Vs stories as a child. I remember feeling so alone and scared. Too scared to tell my parents, because I thought they would think I was nuts. Thank you for making my inner child feel seen. Also, who doesn’t love a good paranormal podcast!! 🤍