Life Paranormal with V

Life Paranormal with V

If you love a good ghost story or are fascinated by the paranormal and unknown, keep coming back to my podcast where I will be serving you my firsthand encounter stories, & bringing on guests who lived through their paranormal events. I advocate for children & people affected by the Paranormal. My show is not just about terrifying encounters, it also helps listeners/guests who experienced these events learn ways to cope & heal from them! It is always spooky season here on Life Paranormal with V.

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Part 2 The Mothman & Arizona Cryptids w/Asherz

July 11, 2021

Hello my Lifer Fam, and welcome back to Part 2 of The Mothman & Arizona Cryptids!! I know I have kept you guys waiting for too long! Join me tonight as I bring back my lovely Guest Co-Host Asherz as we discuss more Mothman sightings, and the Thunderbird! You know just our usual shenanigans! We also…

Surprise Mini Episode-Spooky Tales of Puerto Peñasco

June 1, 2021

Hi Lifers! Today I am bringing you a mini Episode straight from Mexico while I am on vacation! I am putting out a warning right now and apologizing for the poor audio and quality! I just thought this would be something fun in the meantime to put out! If you’re wondering why am whispering I have a s…

Clairvoyance & Demonic Encounters

April 30, 2021

Hello my Lifer Fam, and welcome back!Join me & my Guest Co-Host Greg on tonight’s show as we discuss about how being clairvoyant has changed his life. For many of us who have these gifts of communicating with the spirit world it can be a hard & lonely road. Greg speaks about negative & positive sto…

The Mothman & Arizona Cryptids,w/ Co-Host Asherz (Part 1)

April 11, 2021

Hello my Lifer Fam, and welcome back!Join me as I bring back my lovely Guest Co-Host Asherz as we discuss her experience & knowledge of THE MOTHMAN!! And since we are on the topic of Cryptids,I shall be discussing my own home state of Arizona and it’s own unexplainable creatures!Listen as I tell yo…

St.Patrick’s Day Special:The Dwarf That Hides, with Guest Cohost Asherz!

March 17, 2021

Happy Day my little pretties, and welcome to my surprise St.Patrick’s Day special!!!Join me and my awesome co-host Asherz as I tell her my disturbing encounter with an old Dwarf.. well Brownie.. you know what I’m still quite unsure what to call them..but why don’t you listen and tell me what you th…

Walking In the Darkness, With Guest Co-Host Isaac of Whelan’s Waffles Podcast

March 8, 2021

****Trigger Warning ⚠️ Tonights episode will contain material about suicide,& self-harm. Discretion is advised***** Hello Lifers! Welcome to Episode 5, Walking in the Darkness! Tonight’s show welcomes our Co-Host Isaac from Whelan’s Waffles Podcast! Tonight Lifers you will hea…

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